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Nov 25, 2019

Today’s guest is Dr. Jane Guyn. In 2009, she was a Super Mom with her life filled with soccer, science projects, Girl Scout cookies, homework and lots and lots of driving - in her minivan.

She loved her kids and was passionate about being a Mom, but was so caught up in the role that she totally forgot about the rest of her identity - her intellect, her femininity and her sexuality.

That's when I went on a journey to learn about sex...

She wanted to know what had happened to her life as a sexual person. And she’s honored to say that she learned about sex in some of the sexiest places in the world including Amsterdan, Las Vegas and San Francisco. She became a Professional Sex Coach and eventually got her PhD in Human Sexuality.

Then, in 2016 she wrote the Amazon #1 Bestseller "Too Busy to Get Busy" so that other women could avoid the pitfalls she'd discovered.

Her clients use the proven 5 step Lover's Journey Process and research-based BEDROOM™ model to improve their own relationship, just like she did.

You can learn more about her at

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