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Consciously Speaking is your spot to listen in on guests from all walks of the mindful evolution. You'll be introduced to premiere thought leaders in conscious development while receiving insights on how to live with more integrity, work with greater passion, and lead an extraordinary life.

May 30, 2016

Today’s guest is Alexander Heyne. Alex is the author of Master The Day: Eat, Move and Live Better with the Power of Tiny Habits, and the author behind Modern Health Monk - which shows ambitious professionals how to lose weight and feel awesome by changing tiny habits.

You can find out more about Alex at

May 27, 2016

In today's topical content episode, Michael goes back to the root of what the show is all about - Consciousness. He explores the working definition of it as it pertains to this podcast as well as to the Conscious Life Summit. In addition, he takes a closer look at how to make a conscious choice to tune-out as well as...

May 25, 2016

Today’s guest is Sage Lee. As a child, Sage emerged as an artist. It was the closest thing that he could do to honor the oddness that was he. He didn’t fit into the world of his peers. He wasn’t interested in dating, sports, or academics really (except for a narrow group of things that interested him.)

If there...

May 23, 2016

Today’s guest is Terry Dika Volchoff. Terry works with both purpose driven entrepreneurs and healers who realize that there is more that they could be doing and are tired of being defeated by their very own mind. She’s a master at this because she knows first hand how frustrating and defeating it can be. She...

May 18, 2016

Today’s guest is Dr. Michele Colon. Dr. Michele is a holistic podiatrist, Ayurvedic specialist and yoga health coach in the Greater Los Angeles area.  Dr. Michele is also an author and the creator of Body Wisdom: 10 Weeks to Transformation so You Can Get and Feel Healthy Again, a program which combines the best of...