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Consciously Speaking is your spot to listen in on guests from all walks of the mindful evolution. You'll be introduced to premiere thought leaders in conscious development while receiving insights on how to live with more integrity, work with greater passion, and lead an extraordinary life.

May 31, 2015

In today's topical content episode, I am joined once again by Alicia Power. You may remember Alicia from my interview in Season 1, Episode 68 and her guided meditation in Episode 93.

We are going to do a deep dive into our Spirit Helpers. Some may call them Angels, others may consider them simply as light beings. Alicia...

May 30, 2015

Do you frequently feel crunched for time? Are there simply not enough hours in your day? Perhaps no one is more aware of this than Dr. Eric Maisel, the author of many books, including Ten Zen Seconds: Twelve Incantations for Purpose, Power and Calm.

In Consciously Speaking’s guided meditation series today, Michael...

May 29, 2015

Today’s guest is Maura Sweeney. Described as the ultimate coach and advocate, Maura Sweeney is an Author, Speaker, Podcaster, World Traveler and Huffington Post blogger.  Both her podcast and her mantra is: “Living Happy – Inside Out.” You could also call her a Happiness Coach!

A former corporate manager,...

May 28, 2015

Today’s guest is Kristie Kennedy. If you could describe Kristie in one word it would be UNSTOPPABLE! She is a unique woman who is known for motivation, inspiration and empowerment.

As a young lady she encountered many challenges in the school system and found out early in life that one has the power to create their...

May 27, 2015

Today’s guest is Kim Ades. Kim is a Thought Mastery Expert, Author, and Personal Performance Coach specializing in coaching high-profile, highly-driven individuals who are interested in achieving extraordinary goals.

An author, speaker, entrepreneur, MBA, coach, and mother of five, Kim is one of North America's...